When you snap out of it!

Change.  I thought I was really good at it managing it.  Then a TON of things changed at once and I kind of froze – for about a year.   New jobs, new life stages with the girls, new puppy, etc. etc.  It seemed with all the new, new, new I was losing my identity.  My perception of my self started to change.   “I’m really outgoing and social” – except when I’m tired, and confused, and overwhelmed with all the “new” I’m learning.  “I’m a really good friend and stay connected no matter the distance” – except for when I’m tired, confused and overwhelmed with all the “new”.  “I love to do meaningful things with my children when time allows – like have them cook with me, read with them, listen to their stories” – except when I’m tired, and confused, and overwhelmed by all the “new” – then I just want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and watch Master Chef Junior with them. 😉 You see the pattern, right?!  Amazingly enough throughout the year I didn’t get down on myself for the changes; I just kept having faith and hoping that at some point I would be ME again.


Guess what – I’m ME again and I’m a totally different ME!  I honestly think it’s age.  There is something magical about the wisdom you gain from the years of doing this whole life thing – at least that’s what my husband says because he is a lot older then me ;).  I hope to write more to remind us all to be kind to ourselves.  I’m speaking mostly to the ladies – because I think we hold ourselves to a standard that is almost unattainable.  A tool I try and use as much as I remember to, is my friend Carla’s app – The Gratitude Journal.  The minute I focus on being thankful I quickly forget my frustrations that benefit no one.  And I leave you with what Glennon, from Momastery, posted today – genius.  Be kind to yourself today.



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