My “word of the year” – Surrender


I follow a lot of blogs. A recurring theme at the beginning of the year is a “word of the year” that you keep in mind throughout the upcoming calendar year. My friend, Micara, pointed out a new way to find my “word” this year. She said to be still, take a deep breath and listen to your heart. I’m usually an over thinker so I was not so sure I would “hear” what my heart had to say. I took a lot of time clearing my head – “Don’t worry about the laundry, don’t worry about the new business, don’t worry about the kids’ schedule’s, the needed groceries, the crafts you never have time for anymore, did I mention not to think about the laundry?!” You get the idea. So I cleared all buzz out, took a few deep breaths and actually heard something!! – SURRENDER.

This was not what I was expecting. I was thinking, “joy, love, hope, perseverance, happiness, etc. etc. ” – not surrender. But as I “sit” with this word more and more I realize it is EXACTLY what I need this year. What a surprise, my heart was right. (insert irony, I should know my heart is always right). Though it’s only the 22nd of January, I feel like being more conscious of this word, surrender, has already lightened my load. We have a new puppy – I surrender to the fact that he will pee on the floor and I will still love him. I’m still new with Matilda Jane – I surrender to the fact that my business will not go exactly as I planned but will probably take turns for the better. I surrender to the fact that there will be days where I can. not. pick. up. another. flipping. sock. off. the. floor. And there will be days where I reorganize the cabinet next to the coffee machine like nobody’s business. I surrender to the fact that my hubby and I will not agree on what Christmas paper plates are necessary to keep next year and what ones we should throw. (FYI – my opinion is you NEVER throw away Christmas paper goods).

I don’t know if it’s my age, where I’m at in my journey, how old my kids are now or the excitement of new work – but I like this “word of the year” business. Especially through this week, and then I might change my mind 😉


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