My “word of the year” – Surrender


I follow a lot of blogs. A recurring theme at the beginning of the year is a “word of the year” that you keep in mind throughout the upcoming calendar year. My friend, Micara, pointed out a new way to find my “word” this year. She said to be still, take a deep breath and listen to your heart. I’m usually an over thinker so I was not so sure I would “hear” what my heart had to say. I took a lot of time clearing my head – “Don’t worry about the laundry, don’t worry about the new business, don’t worry about the kids’ schedule’s, the needed groceries, the crafts you never have time for anymore, did I mention not to think about the laundry?!” You get the idea. So I cleared all buzz out, took a few deep breaths and actually heard something!! – SURRENDER.

This was not what I was expecting. I was thinking, “joy, love, hope, perseverance, happiness, etc. etc. ” – not surrender. But as I “sit” with this word more and more I realize it is EXACTLY what I need this year. What a surprise, my heart was right. (insert irony, I should know my heart is always right). Though it’s only the 22nd of January, I feel like being more conscious of this word, surrender, has already lightened my load. We have a new puppy – I surrender to the fact that he will pee on the floor and I will still love him. I’m still new with Matilda Jane – I surrender to the fact that my business will not go exactly as I planned but will probably take turns for the better. I surrender to the fact that there will be days where I can. not. pick. up. another. flipping. sock. off. the. floor. And there will be days where I reorganize the cabinet next to the coffee machine like nobody’s business. I surrender to the fact that my hubby and I will not agree on what Christmas paper plates are necessary to keep next year and what ones we should throw. (FYI – my opinion is you NEVER throw away Christmas paper goods).

I don’t know if it’s my age, where I’m at in my journey, how old my kids are now or the excitement of new work – but I like this “word of the year” business. Especially through this week, and then I might change my mind 😉


Balance is Hard – this is BIG news

Brand new concept here people!  Doing it all is really hard!  But rewarding, and fun, and entertaining (due to things forgotten), and empowering, and exhausting, and exhilarating, and on and on and on.  I wouldn’t change it for anything but there are some questionable actions that have come from it.  Example: I got into my pajamas IMMEDIATELY after getting home from the pool with the girls at 5:30.  I had already made a rockin’ breakfast (which only Bill and I actually ate), watered window boxes at the new house (SEE KATY I’M NOT GOING TO KILL THE FLOWERS!), unpacked and tagged all the new Matilda Jane pieces for 2nd collection (holy guacamole there is a TON), met a friend for lunch, dropped off 3 Matilda Jane orders, picked up girls from school and took them to the pool.  SO – this lead me to putting on my pajamas to make dinner.  Except I didn’t stay inside like I really should have since I was in my pajamas.  I picked up in the driveway and I jumped in the care to drive thru Dairy Queen to pick up vanilla ice cream.  Driving home from DQ I thought, “This may be a new low or a new high depending on how you look at it.  I have gotten to the point where I REALLY do not care where I wear my pajamas. Again, depending on how you look at it – a new low or a new high.


The next adventure

Pederson Family!_63

Well, I think you’ve all heard enough about my, “what will bridget&lucy the biz be next” posts.  I would link them here but I’m afraid to look at how many there actually are ;).  Mom and I have closed the bridget&lucy store and our Etsy shop.  I feel like whenever we wanted to sew or be creative we would think “we still have to figure out what we’re doing with our biz” and then that would stop us – or at least me.  We both came to the conclusion that the bridget&lucy ride was AMAZING, but it was also OK if it didn’t continue.

Life is moving forward and there are adventures happening!  Bill and I opened Lock it and Leave It Storage and it has been an experience!  We have learned a TON and now work in the same office – so far so good ;).  The biggest thing I have learned so far – if you are nice to people who want storage they will be blown away and be your best customers.  Why are there so many crabby storage facility owners?  Luckily for our customers – Bill and I are not crabby! (most of the time).  Check your listings for Storage Wars Sioux Falls – I’m sure the network will be knocking on our door when they figure out I’ve unlocked the universal secret to being a good storage facility owner – being nice.  Kidding – I’m pretty sure “being nice” doesn’t sell reality TV – but it should!

Next big adventure – I’m now a Matilda Jane Clothing trunk keeper (super cute and fancy word for – saleswoman! ;)).  I have LOVED this brand forever and have dressed my children in their clothing for just as long.  About a month after officially deciding to close bridget&lucy, the opportunity to join the company presented itself.  Talk about divine timing – lucky me!  If you love the clothes too and are dying to have a party – I know a girl ;).  And to finalize – a gratuitous picture of my children in the clothing I’m now selling – shameless plug or passionate businesswoman move? You decide!


Have you all found creativebug?

Whoa – this is so awesome.  The web is changing how we can access and learn from artists – in an awesome way.  This new site has online classes from some of my FAVORITE makers!  And what honestly makes it awesome is the amazing video – check out their INTRO video – it rocks!  I can’t WAIT to narrow down my choices and actually pick my first class!!

What happens when creativity is sidelined?

Life – you crazy cat you. What happens when you take time to build a creative business; build the brand with fancy things like a blog, a twitter handle, a facebook account, etc. etc. – and then plans change? Do you scrap all the work? Do you close down the whole deal? I’ve wrestled that idea over and over when thinking about bridget&lucy – the biz – I promise not to scrap the two small peope that live with me who go by the same names 😉

Da girls

I don’t believe bridget&lucy has hit the end of it’s journey.  It’s in a resting phase.  Mom and I jumped ALL in – with sewing knowledge (hers) and some tech saavy (mine) and went for it!  We got to a point in producing clothes where we had to start finding more outlets to sell our clothing – crap!  We didn’t know how to do that yet!  SO – we decided with life as it was, we could produce our original designs as sewing patterns and sell them to sewing stores and digitally.  So we went to Quilt Market – and it rocked!  Awesome!  Then, as ALL sewing pattern writers experience, we started dealing with people copying our designs and selling them on their own.   Oy – not something we liked dealing with at all!  (Am I right Art Moms and Rebekah Scott?)  That being said, it’s the reality of being in the creativity biz.

SO – what’s next?  We have a million ideas brewing and we’re just waiting for the next one to jump out at us – cause we’re not done! In the meantime I’m going to try and blog about the creativity that is going on right now – like knitting this adorable pattern by pink brutus for the girls –


Adorbs.  I won’t be including the tattoos for them at this point :).  Although I’m contemplating a new one for me.  Another big something that has snuck into my life – Reiki!  I’m now a level two certified Reiki pracitcioner.  It’s amazing. Life is good people – LIFE IS GOOD!

What’s everyone doing to stay creative right now?  Since I JUST took Christmas down(you can laugh) I’m having fun rearranging the house and decor.





Raising Girls

Although I don’t post here often, I won’t be abandoning it completely any time soon.  There are moments when a post seems to make sense and I know that in the future something will live here again more often. My guess is it will revolve around raising girls since that is what I am living and know at this moment.  I found a HILARIOUS reminder of what it was like to be a teenage girl while organizing my laundry room/office (for the 10,567th time)!  This is what I found…


My best friend Lindsay, of Expressing Motherhood, and I danced at a half time show for the local CBA team.  We were probably in 7th grade and wore fantastic bodysuits to highlight our super confident junior high bodies (HA!)  And as written in the note, a lot of our friends showed up.  And as also written in the note – this ended our lives OFFICIALLY!  I’m taping this up in my office for two reasons.  1. To remind myself that life DID NOT actually end when I endured an embarrassing experience or 20 🙂 AND 2. To give me perspective when my daughters hit the ages where something seems SO important/devastating/world-ending, that I try to remember a speck of how that felt and act accordingly.

This internet thing is pretty awesome

I had to share this great story.  We just listed custom Ruffle Joy skirts on our site and our first order came rolling in this morning.  Since we need specific information I responded to the order with a  list of questions.  This is the email I received back with all names changed so I don’t over expose someone else’s children on the internet – I do that enough with my own 😉

“Dear Megan,

I am your Mom’s dear friend from High School, Susie. I have to run and pick up Annie who the skirt is for and her big brother Nelson. I will get the measurements while they spend the afternoon with me and get back to you. I look forward to having this beautiful skirt for Annie. It will mean alot to me. I spent time watching your Mom sew, and could never believe how amazing she was. I do remember when she was sewing her baby blue prom dress that was a very beautiful, but heavy fabric, and she sewed through one of her fingers! That is my memory anyway. Is Kim currently on vacation as advertised in the x-mas card? I do need her e-mail as I am going to send her a photo of us in our prom dresses!!!
Thanks so much,
Seriously – is that the BEST email order ever?!?!?  It truly is amazing how small the world gets when connected through technology.  Now if I only had a picture of that prom dress…