A Toast to a New Year

Although it looks very much like I’ve deserted this blog I actually am always thinking about posts – “this would be such a great post, oh! I have to write about this”, etc. etc.  So here’s to more posts!    I have been posting a lot of pictures on Instagram – which is a total blast.  If WordPress had a way to transfer Instagram posts into blog posts I would be oh so active ;).  If you’re on Instagram – follow me at bridgetandlucy!

In creative endeavors, I’m working on a cowl for Bridget’s teacher using the pattern linked below(just click on the link).  I love it because I can take it anywhere and I don’t have to count or pay attention to anything – just knit.

double wrap cowl

So here’s to more posting in 2012!  If you have blogs you follow or write yourself list them below so we can all take a look!  Megan