The winds are changing (who’s surprised?!)

I’m turning to another chapter (shocker, I know).  A couple years ago I would’ve been panicky about announcing more change – but I’ve now totally embraced it (like the my love of Birkenstocks).  I feel its good for my soul.  As Lock It and Leaving Moving and Storage grows, I’ve decided to leave Matilda Jane after June and focus my “work life” at Lock It.  The growth is exciting and I’m thrilled to be a more integral part again.  Bill really needs my creative genius working right along side him (he totally said that, I swear),

BUT – my creative itch must be scratched!  If I will not be surrounded by Matilda Jane I must compensate! 😉 I will be producing Expressing Motherhood in Sioux Falls THIS October!  Wow – what a full circle.  Lindsay, the creator, and I have been friends since 7th grade.  Check the last blog post for a really fantastic picture of the two of us.  She has created the most amazing concept and I’m SO pumped to have it in Sioux Falls.  And by the way – I need YOUR story – so click on over to learn about submitting your OWN piece  BY JUNE 1st – and being a part of this groundbreaking experience.


I’ve got more ideas a-brewin’, like pop up sewing classes for kids and adults (hence the new blog title – HANDMADE A LA CARTE) – in Sioux Falls this Fall – HOLLA!!  I’m wild, I can’t stop myself. And I’m pretty sure everyone misses Home Ec so I  need to fill that void.  Follow this blog and stay in touch – I can’t wait to share.

These girls are BRINGING IT


Don’t be jealous of the long johns – they were ALL THE RAGE in 1992.

I’m partnering up with long time friend, Lindsay Kavet, to bring her phenomenal production – Expressing Motherhood – to Sioux Falls.  Jump on over to her site and find out all about it.  AND THEN get ready to submit your very own piece for Sioux Falls’ Expressing Motherhood on June 1st!  Submissions accepted June 1st, performances will be October 14-16, this Fall.

I love people

It’s true – everyday I’m amazed at what I learn about someone in my life.  I love it.  I’m almost always surprised about what I learn, and almost always warmed in some way.   My 6-year-old was a little crabby yesterday and I asked her if anything was going on.  Her answer was, “Well God must not be talking to me right now because he’s not telling me what to do!”  What an interesting perspective.  I learn something everyday.


One homemade gift this year






I guess one homemade gift PER girl – so two for this year.  That is a far cry from last year where I think almost everyone in my family got something homemade from me.  BUT there was good reason.  A new business opened in the Pederson family and we are now in storage.  That’s right – Storage Wars here we come.  

This cowl pattern for the girls was SUPER fun to knit and I would totally suggest the pattern to anyone looking for something to cast on right now.  The pattern is called Squishy Love and I bought it on Ravelry HERE.  Anybody else do homemade this year?  

My first Twitter Party!

So – I LOVE twitter.  I follow tons of folks and can get totally immersed in trying to catch up on what everyone has been tweeting about.  I’ve been a silent participant in Twitter parties – just reading, not typing – and I’ve even contributed a couple thoughts before.  But tonight will be my first Twitter party as a guest!  Join me at 7 pm PST/9pm CST on Twitter for the Expressing Motherhood Twitter party.  You can follow and contribute to the conversation using the hashtag #expressmo.  We’ll be talking about how our creative business came to be – in 140 characters or less ;).  bridget&lucy will be giving away the Mop Top pictured below and Expressing Motherhood will be giving away a t-shirt!  Don’t miss it – it’s WAY too much fun!

bridget&lucy Twitter handle – @bridgetandlucy

Expressing Motherhood Twitter handle – @ExpressingMothe


Accessible Art – Sculpture Walk

The Sculpture Walk brought out the new sculptures this weekend.  We LOVE going down to check out the new sculptures downtown.

I think they started about 5 years ago and each year it gets a little bigger.

The girls REALLY look forward to it!  They notice when they start to move the sculptures from last year out to get ready for the new ones.

 If you are in the Sioux Falls area – make sure to go check out the new sculptures!

We are part of a HUGE giveaway

This week we are part of a BIG giveaway!  Marie at Finished Vision Photography has put together a giveaway of close to $4000 in products!   She is a photographer so there are a lot of photo prop companies in the giveaway AND much more.   But if you are a photographer or you know a photographer – check out this giveaway and pass on the info!!!  Giveaways are so fun!

the {big vision} giveaway » Blog of Finished Vision Photography.

{this moment}

Joining  Soulemama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

For anyone who downloaded my empire waist shirt to dress pattern!

AH! I had one thing wrong in the pattern! Really, I felt like I read it over and over and then my mom caught it! In step #3 it said to put wrong sides together to stitch but you need to put right sides together! I did change the wording and the new version is ready to download on our download page. I am so sorry – ugh.

Alone Time

I think every mom craves it at some point.  Trying to run a business and manage the house is challenging in the organization department.  I’m always trying to figure out what configuration of furniture might be the most efficient.  Where exactly I should keep the patterns so putting together mailings goes the quickest.  But at the same time trying to keep it our house – cozy, inviting, semi picked up :).  Ah – the dilemma’s.  Like a friend at the pool said the other day to her son “If being bored at the pool is the worst thing that happens to you today – you’re lucky”!  I feel that way.  If trying to organize my house is the most challenging thing I run into today – I’m lucky.