Pure Joy

Summer has FINALLY hit in SD.  We took the boat out to make sure it works before we head up north for a week.  These pictures say it ALL!

IMG_0430 IMG_0429 IMG_0427 IMG_0426 IMG_0423

The next adventure

Pederson Family!_63

Well, I think you’ve all heard enough about my, “what will bridget&lucy the biz be next” posts.  I would link them here but I’m afraid to look at how many there actually are ;).  Mom and I have closed the bridget&lucy store and our Etsy shop.  I feel like whenever we wanted to sew or be creative we would think “we still have to figure out what we’re doing with our biz” and then that would stop us – or at least me.  We both came to the conclusion that the bridget&lucy ride was AMAZING, but it was also OK if it didn’t continue.

Life is moving forward and there are adventures happening!  Bill and I opened Lock it and Leave It Storage and it has been an experience!  We have learned a TON and now work in the same office – so far so good ;).  The biggest thing I have learned so far – if you are nice to people who want storage they will be blown away and be your best customers.  Why are there so many crabby storage facility owners?  Luckily for our customers – Bill and I are not crabby! (most of the time).  Check your listings for Storage Wars Sioux Falls – I’m sure the network will be knocking on our door when they figure out I’ve unlocked the universal secret to being a good storage facility owner – being nice.  Kidding – I’m pretty sure “being nice” doesn’t sell reality TV – but it should!

Next big adventure – I’m now a Matilda Jane Clothing trunk keeper (super cute and fancy word for – saleswoman! ;)).  I have LOVED this brand forever and have dressed my children in their clothing for just as long.  About a month after officially deciding to close bridget&lucy, the opportunity to join the company presented itself.  Talk about divine timing – lucky me!  If you love the clothes too and are dying to have a party – I know a girl ;).  And to finalize – a gratuitous picture of my children in the clothing I’m now selling – shameless plug or passionate businesswoman move? You decide!


This internet thing is pretty awesome

I had to share this great story.  We just listed custom Ruffle Joy skirts on our site and our first order came rolling in this morning.  Since we need specific information I responded to the order with a  list of questions.  This is the email I received back with all names changed so I don’t over expose someone else’s children on the internet – I do that enough with my own 😉

“Dear Megan,

I am your Mom’s dear friend from High School, Susie. I have to run and pick up Annie who the skirt is for and her big brother Nelson. I will get the measurements while they spend the afternoon with me and get back to you. I look forward to having this beautiful skirt for Annie. It will mean alot to me. I spent time watching your Mom sew, and could never believe how amazing she was. I do remember when she was sewing her baby blue prom dress that was a very beautiful, but heavy fabric, and she sewed through one of her fingers! That is my memory anyway. Is Kim currently on vacation as advertised in the x-mas card? I do need her e-mail as I am going to send her a photo of us in our prom dresses!!!
Thanks so much,
Seriously – is that the BEST email order ever?!?!?  It truly is amazing how small the world gets when connected through technology.  Now if I only had a picture of that prom dress…

First Day

Well I don’t think I could call myself a blogger if I didn’t blog about my daughter’s FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!  It just wouldn’t be proper.  I used to think I was a roll-with-the-punches type of gal.  I really didn’t think I would cry when Bridget went to kindergarten.  As the first day got closer I got a little more teary.  We were encouraged to read The Kissing Hand if we owned or could borrow a copy of the book because they were going to read it in school the first week.  And I kept getting choked up in the middle of the book.  Then when I was trying to tell people who asked, “Do you think you’ll cry” that I most definitely wouldn’t because of all these great reasons, I kind of got choked up.  So I knew Monday was going to be tough on me.

How did she get so big? and grown up? and serious? and really WHO let her get her ears pierced 😉 ?  I kept thinking about how she will be in school now – FOREVER.  It made me sad.  But SO determined to not show her that I was sad!!!  Bridget started Kindergarten in a Spanish Immersion program.  So with all the other new stuff the comes with Kindergarten her teacher only speaks Spanish.  So there was that too :).

The first morning of school Bridget got up, got dressed, wore her sneakers (which made me cringe) because it was a PE day, had breakfast and got her apple ready for her teacher.  I have NO idea where the apple idea came from but I would like to take the opportunity now to thank whichever fabulous tv show gave her this idea :).  We went outside and took pictures…

Her sister joined for pictures and her apple almost bit the dust…

We made it to the line at school…

And then the parents had to step away from their kids and watch them stand in line while the staff did a school song presentation deal.  Really? Step away from your kids and watch them stare blankly at a small group of people singing while their parents just left them standing there?  And they can still see their parents standing there?  But not next to them anymore?  I may not have liked this part because I was doing an “ugly cry” and my friend Sara documented it through pictures.  But really, it seemed crazy at the time.  Then they headed off inside the school and I cried some more.  I clearly AM one of those moms that I did not think I was.  Which seems to almost always happen to me.  If there is some aspect of parenting I think I really know that I am definitely NOT, then I usually end up actually being that thing that I was pretty sure I was not.  Oh life – you are crazy ;).  So my one child and I headed back to the car.

And I proceeded to go over to my mom’s house and cry all over again.  What is it about seeing your mom when you are emotionally vulnerable and just crying like a baby?  That’s not just me – right?! 🙂  The day ended with a smile at pick up and a little swimming.  And then the 2nd day was so much easier.  How does that work?  However it works, I’m glad.  And I’m tired.  Extra hugs to all you moms that started this journey too – cause I know you need one!

Confidence and Compassion

Have you ever realized that you are part of something more amazing than you even know?  I feel this way about my sister-in-law’s dance studio, The Dance Gallery.  This weekend was their Year End Recital and it was amazing as always.  Not because it was Lucy’s first recital (which was amazing) and not because Bridget loved every second of being on stage (which I just LOVE) but because there is this buzz of excitement around this dance school and group of teachers that is AWESOME!  I could go ON and ON about all the teachers qualifications, education,etc. because they truly are the most “decorated” instructors in town – but the most stunning part about the weekend was how the kids on stage overflowed with confidence, beautiful technique and JOY!  I’m always on the look out for ways to make sure my girls develop a good self-esteem while still being gracious and kind – which I feel like is really hard work!  Dance and performing are ways to teach confidence AND graciousness.  I would have never guessed that after switching my major from Dance in undergrad that I would still end up in the dance world.  Life is funny.  Just another reason I think my husband entered my life – so I could be really good friends with his sister and teach Tap at her dance school ;).  Do you have any great confidence and compassion building experiences for girls?  Please share!!!  I realize boys need confidence and compassion just as much – it’s just that young girls are what I know right now  – so that’s my schtick :).  Aunt Jackie – we could not be more proud of your amazing weekend – YAHOO!!!

Kids Clothes Tutorials

I love The Train to Crazy blog.  Always entertaining and FULL of inspiration.  She put together a listing of kids clothes tutorials and I just had to share!!!  Jump on over and check them out.  I love sewing summer clothes the best because they are so quick and fun.  And I have no patience for anything complicated ;).  ENJOY!