Because of you – our amazing supporters – we were able to claim over 1000 Facebook fans in our Pitch Slam proposals – THANK YOU!  We have not forgotten the promised prizes but I will finalize and announce them next week after The Creative Connection – where mom and I will pitch our three different ideas.  The last 3 weeks have been a blur.  I’m usually a busy person, but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy before.  If I have been this busy before I have completely blocked it out ;).   While being this busy I’ve had to constantly remind myself – Bridget just started Kindergarten, she needs extra love – Lucy is 4, she needs you too.  Although there truly is not time to do it all I do love all that I am doing.  Tomorrow afternoon I will head up to St. Paul for a huge experience – pitching our original ideas.  Mom will meet me Thursday to actually present the ideas.  Those of you that know our tendency toward long windedness – we only have 3 minutes to pitch each idea – 3 MINUTES!  I don’t think I can let mom speak ;).  SO many people have helped us out these last few weeks – to name a few – Uncle Todd proofed all our proposals, Aunt Katy doesn’t know it yet but she is bringing Lucy to school on Thursday, Lucy’s preschool teacher is taking her out to lunch on Friday, friends have sent pictures immediately when asked for them to support our proposals, etc., etc., etc.  We are beyond blessed.  And it truly does take a village!  It takes a village to raise kids, run a business, take a risk, and even make dinner.  So I find myself just thinking and saying over and over in my head, “THANK YOU!”  Your love and support is absorbed and needed.  I will have an update on how everything goes on Thursday and I will tweet all through the conference.  I’ve barely thought about the fact that I get to take classes with AMAZING women.  I can not wait.  Happy Happy Tuesday all!

New Find! : papernstitch

I just ran into this site and am loving it! It’s similar o Etsy but has a different feel to me. It’s really pretty to look at! And this morning my mom was already planning out what projects she wants to get done by Christmas – so I guess it’s never too late to start thinking of gift ideas! My point with that very long sentence was to not miss the gift guides on the site ;). Enjoy!

welcome : papernstitch : a community showcasing the best in art, handmade, and vintage.

Confidence and Compassion

Have you ever realized that you are part of something more amazing than you even know?  I feel this way about my sister-in-law’s dance studio, The Dance Gallery.  This weekend was their Year End Recital and it was amazing as always.  Not because it was Lucy’s first recital (which was amazing) and not because Bridget loved every second of being on stage (which I just LOVE) but because there is this buzz of excitement around this dance school and group of teachers that is AWESOME!  I could go ON and ON about all the teachers qualifications, education,etc. because they truly are the most “decorated” instructors in town – but the most stunning part about the weekend was how the kids on stage overflowed with confidence, beautiful technique and JOY!  I’m always on the look out for ways to make sure my girls develop a good self-esteem while still being gracious and kind – which I feel like is really hard work!  Dance and performing are ways to teach confidence AND graciousness.  I would have never guessed that after switching my major from Dance in undergrad that I would still end up in the dance world.  Life is funny.  Just another reason I think my husband entered my life – so I could be really good friends with his sister and teach Tap at her dance school ;).  Do you have any great confidence and compassion building experiences for girls?  Please share!!!  I realize boys need confidence and compassion just as much – it’s just that young girls are what I know right now  – so that’s my schtick :).  Aunt Jackie – we could not be more proud of your amazing weekend – YAHOO!!!

Home Sweet Home Away from Home

I love driving into Hill City. I know the turns in the road on the way into town, I notice the old signs and the new signs, and today I visited my sister at her job. Her job that is in Hill City. We’ve been going to my parents cabin outside of Hill City for as long as I can remember. Katy and I worked for a summer at a KOA out here but now she has a grown up job here – which is so cool. We visited her here…


Then went back to her place, had dinner and watched a thunderstorm. Life. Is. Good.

Hope your holiday weekend is full of family and friends.

A wedding processional

While in New Orleans in mid April my friend and I were walking down Bourbon or Royal back to the hotel and heard music.  I know, not that strange in New Orleans, but it was moving towards us.  Then we saw the bride and groom bustin’ a move with their umbrellas and a whole wedding party processional behind them.  Seriously one of the coolest things I saw while there.  It’s such a feel good little clip – the bride is groovin’, the groom is doing an awesome job trying to love it, and the whole wedding party behind them is just jazzed.  Definitely share-worthy!  I must say one thing though – the bottom of her dress was SO dirty!  But the memories and the cool factor were totally worth it I’m sure!

It’s That Kind of Morning

The kind of morning where you put on dress up clothes and crazy hair.

The kind of morning where you decide to skip Story Time at the library because once again it’s too flippin’ cold!

The kind of morning where you don’t eat breakfast until after 9:30!

The kind of morning that can only happen when you have a 3 and 5-year-old and no one is in school full-time yet.  The kind of morning I’m sure I will terribly miss sometime soon.  The kind of morning I will totally completely absolutely ENJOY!

A girl obsessed

When I see something I need to make it turns into a small obsession.  This is a story of one those times.  My sister-in-law LOVES the minions in the movie Despicable Me.  She recently commented on how badly she wanted her OWN minion.  While perusing ravlery on Saturday  I found a pattern for a  minion hat.  I HAD TO MAKE THIS HAT FOR JACKIE RIGHT AWAY!  I purchased yarn Saturday afternoon and starting knitting like a mad woman.  By 10 pm Saturday night I had the hat done and needed to move onto the “parts”.  This became tricky since the pattern called for crocheting for all the minion parts – eyes, goggle band, smile.  The tricky part being that I do not know how to crochet.  So I thought that 10 pm was the perfect time to try to teach myself to crochet through YouTube.  It didn’t work.  Then I decided since I DID know how to knit I would figure out how to do the eyes, goggles and smile by knitting.  This was a fantastic decision.  I finished the hat up yesterday morning and the girls and I got to give Jackie her very own minion at lunch.  Way too fun.

Finally – the P

I have been coveting the monogram wreath how-to on Dittle Dattle’s Blog since I saw it on Pintrest!  I’ve been talking to my husband about how I’m going to make a “P” wreath for us for a couple of weeks now.  He’s very handy so I’ve dropped ideas like, “Why don’t you try to think what we can make the “P” base out of” and “Can you just put the “P” wreath together for me?”  He wasn’t falling for any of it so yesterday I took matters into my own hands.  I staple-gunned some plywood from HobLob into a “P”.  Don’t worry, I did this on the floor of the garage while the children were inside watching – but Lucy insisted on posing for me once I got it all assembled.  Her hair is another story all together.  She wanted curly hair like Bridget’s when she has braids.   So I braided Lucy’s hair in the smallest braids I’ve ever seen and when she took them out it looked like that (below).  She was thrilled she had any curl at all – I didn’t have the heart to tell her it looked like a crimped “do” gone bad :).

Then I manipulated a garland we had with staples and wire.  It totally worked.

It was almost ready to hang – but it had to be sprayed with silver glitter first!  Then – onto the door (don’t worry honey, I used the 3M command hooks:)).

It looked good, but not WOW.  I didn’t have any big red ribbon and the ribbon I had just wouldn’t cut it.  So – I looked around and what do you know, I found beads!

Yes!  This was better!  But it wasn’t quite the POW I was going for quite yet.  Then I found these …

PERFECT!  Exactly what I had envisioned for the P.  What are you hanging on your front door for the Holidays?