Compassion + Business

I just got back from my first Matilda Jane conference – whoa.


There are so many amazing things I would like to list about this company, and I’m sure my blog posts will bend that way for a while, but there is one thing in particular I want to focus on today.

The founder, Denise, and her husband, David, recently launched a new foundation – The Mighty Acorn Foundation. They started by building an orphanage in Kitale,Kenya and are now working on securing sponsors for the many, many girls whose lives will change when they get to live at the new orphanage instead of returning to the slums of Kitale after school everyday.  The piece that was so awesome to me is that we are a group of women selling children’s clothes – BUT when you talk about changing children’s lives we are much, much more.  We are a group of mother’s with a pit in our stomach imagining ANY of those beautiful faces being our child, we are privileged Americans that can barely fathom the depths of poverty these children experience on a daily basis, we are savvy business women that can affect others’ lives by the way we do business, but mostly we are human.  We are people trying to figure out how to make a positive influence on a life that can, for many, be so so hard we will never understand their reality.

So today I am beyond thankful for the company I am newly a part of.  I am thankful for the opportunity to not only change children’s lives, but to be able to share how others can do the same.  The coolest part of the website to me is the ability to see what children have already been sponsored.  As of Friday, when we saw the presentation, there were 18 girls sponsored.  Take a look now! 😉


Have you all found creativebug?

Whoa – this is so awesome.  The web is changing how we can access and learn from artists – in an awesome way.  This new site has online classes from some of my FAVORITE makers!  And what honestly makes it awesome is the amazing video – check out their INTRO video – it rocks!  I can’t WAIT to narrow down my choices and actually pick my first class!!

Mop Tops for a special lady

I love making Mop Tops with a purpose. With the craziness of life, sewing for the biz does not happen very often right now. We are mostly selling patterns. I know that will change and then change again in the future 😉 – but that’s where we’re at right now.
A couple weeks ago I was approached about making two adult Mop Tops. This woman’s daughter’s friend (everyone following me?) is battling breast cancer – in her mid twenties. Today I made her these two hats full of love, color, joy and thoughts of healing. May they brighten her day and send her ten million compliments every time she wears them!



Craftsy: Learn It. Make It.

Oh my – I’ve never heard of Craftsy before but it looks amazing!  I had to pass this on.  All these online classes with videos too!  As I’m cleaning and organizing (yes, still) my sewing and laundry room my motivation will be one to take one of these classes.  And maybe bridget&lucy could teach one someday!  A girl can dream :).  Happy Tuesday!

Craftsy: Learn It. Make It..


Because of you – our amazing supporters – we were able to claim over 1000 Facebook fans in our Pitch Slam proposals – THANK YOU!  We have not forgotten the promised prizes but I will finalize and announce them next week after The Creative Connection – where mom and I will pitch our three different ideas.  The last 3 weeks have been a blur.  I’m usually a busy person, but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy before.  If I have been this busy before I have completely blocked it out ;).   While being this busy I’ve had to constantly remind myself – Bridget just started Kindergarten, she needs extra love – Lucy is 4, she needs you too.  Although there truly is not time to do it all I do love all that I am doing.  Tomorrow afternoon I will head up to St. Paul for a huge experience – pitching our original ideas.  Mom will meet me Thursday to actually present the ideas.  Those of you that know our tendency toward long windedness – we only have 3 minutes to pitch each idea – 3 MINUTES!  I don’t think I can let mom speak ;).  SO many people have helped us out these last few weeks – to name a few – Uncle Todd proofed all our proposals, Aunt Katy doesn’t know it yet but she is bringing Lucy to school on Thursday, Lucy’s preschool teacher is taking her out to lunch on Friday, friends have sent pictures immediately when asked for them to support our proposals, etc., etc., etc.  We are beyond blessed.  And it truly does take a village!  It takes a village to raise kids, run a business, take a risk, and even make dinner.  So I find myself just thinking and saying over and over in my head, “THANK YOU!”  Your love and support is absorbed and needed.  I will have an update on how everything goes on Thursday and I will tweet all through the conference.  I’ve barely thought about the fact that I get to take classes with AMAZING women.  I can not wait.  Happy Happy Tuesday all!

Contest to Help Us Out!

We need your help.  In 14 days bridget&lucy will be pitching two different book ideas and a gift line to experts in the fields of publishing and wholesaling.  With the new social media buzz, publishers and wholesalers like the idea of a social media presence.  Here’s where you come in and we reward you.  If you could forward this to friends you think would enjoy bridget&lucy and encourage them to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter we would be THRILLED!  {Facebook page  Twitter page!/bridgetandlucy }  And the good part for you – we will choose a winner on Facebook AND Twitter to each receive a Ruffle Joy skirt and Mop Top hat.   ALSO – if the winners are new followers or fans the person that referred them will win their chose of 2 free patterns or a clothing item.  It’s a WIN WIN!!!!  Thank you so very much for helping us out along this wild journey!!  – Megan and Kim

A wedding processional

While in New Orleans in mid April my friend and I were walking down Bourbon or Royal back to the hotel and heard music.  I know, not that strange in New Orleans, but it was moving towards us.  Then we saw the bride and groom bustin’ a move with their umbrellas and a whole wedding party processional behind them.  Seriously one of the coolest things I saw while there.  It’s such a feel good little clip – the bride is groovin’, the groom is doing an awesome job trying to love it, and the whole wedding party behind them is just jazzed.  Definitely share-worthy!  I must say one thing though – the bottom of her dress was SO dirty!  But the memories and the cool factor were totally worth it I’m sure!

Another giveaway – woohoo!

We are lucky to be a party of another very fun giveaway!  We’ve teamed up with Emily Eggebraaten Photography to celebrate her 2 year anniversary!  Flip though Emily’s galleries and you will see what a fabulous photographer she is.  I especially like her kid shots – amazing.  And I LOVE all the props and cute outfits she uses – they just make the shots!  So, we contributed a size 3 Ruffle Joy – go on over and get signed up!  Another fun connection to Emily – our husbands may have gotten into a little trouble together in high school.  They’ve turned out to be such nice boys ;)!

One of many NOLA posts

I was in New Orleans for the Mom 2.0 Summit last weekend.  It has honestly taken me this long to get back on track.  It seemed like a terribly long transition period!  The conference was great and honestly sparked creativity and motivation.  I've never been to a conference that I didn't like! 🙂  AND I got to meet up with my friend Lindsay and just laugh and catch up – which was priceless!  Anyways I took so many pictures and I just wanted to start sharing some.  This is looking into a shop that specifically said on the door that you could not take pictures inside.  Which is a shame because just by looking at this picture you and imagine how absolutely fabulous the inside was ;)!