The winds are changing (who’s surprised?!)

I’m turning to another chapter (shocker, I know).  A couple years ago I would’ve been panicky about announcing more change – but I’ve now totally embraced it (like the my love of Birkenstocks).  I feel its good for my soul.  As Lock It and Leaving Moving and Storage grows, I’ve decided to leave Matilda Jane after June and focus my “work life” at Lock It.  The growth is exciting and I’m thrilled to be a more integral part again.  Bill really needs my creative genius working right along side him (he totally said that, I swear),

BUT – my creative itch must be scratched!  If I will not be surrounded by Matilda Jane I must compensate! 😉 I will be producing Expressing Motherhood in Sioux Falls THIS October!  Wow – what a full circle.  Lindsay, the creator, and I have been friends since 7th grade.  Check the last blog post for a really fantastic picture of the two of us.  She has created the most amazing concept and I’m SO pumped to have it in Sioux Falls.  And by the way – I need YOUR story – so click on over to learn about submitting your OWN piece  BY JUNE 1st – and being a part of this groundbreaking experience.


I’ve got more ideas a-brewin’, like pop up sewing classes for kids and adults (hence the new blog title – HANDMADE A LA CARTE) – in Sioux Falls this Fall – HOLLA!!  I’m wild, I can’t stop myself. And I’m pretty sure everyone misses Home Ec so I  need to fill that void.  Follow this blog and stay in touch – I can’t wait to share.

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