“Good” pictures

I am so dependent on my phone for pictures.  I’m starting to gather pictures to do the annual Shutterfly calendar, pretty much the only gift I need to give the grandparents and they’d be happy ;), and I’m realizing two things.  1. I am taking a ton LESS pictures, and the ones I’m taking are on my phone.  2. The quality of my phone pictures and my “good camera” pictures don’t even belong in the same category.  This makes me a little panicky!   I need to start packing my big camera in my purse again.  I have to invest in one of the awesome camera bags that look like purses – that’s it! A new bag!!  In the meantime – I have a whole year of these …

IMG_1848 IMG_1881 IMG_1585 IMG_0073When I just really want more of these …

IMG_9919 IMG_0283


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