Starting again…with experience

I would have never predicted my entrepreneurial journey.  I liked the idea of having something “my own”, but I also REALLY liked the idea of vacation meaning no contact with your job – at all.  So marrying Bill and diving into his journey of being an entrepreneur was a trip!  He opened his own commodity brokerage in Fall of 2001.  For our wedding the next year it was impressive for him to take 3 days off the week of the wedding.  During our trip over New Years in 2002 he would trade commodities and check in with clients in the morning and then hit the beach with us in the afternoon.  It was his normal and my “new normal”.  WHOA!


(Bill was trying to be overly enthusiastic here, I just thought he was really excited about the photo op 😉 )

That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial training and when the “itch” started.  And now, as I look at the next step in my career – a Matilda Jane trunk keeper – I’m actually giddy to  bring ALL the knowledge that I’ve built through the last 11 years.  The cliché that the mistakes make you better, that you can’t get to the good stuff without going through some bad, that experience brings knowledge – all those sayings are true.  I will be able to sell clothes BETTER because I can explain them since learning how to design and sew with my mom through bridget&lucy (the biz, not the kids 😉 ).  I will be able to set up my rack with quirky, stylish decorations because mom and I went to quilt market as vendors and had to stand out from the crowd.  I will be able to organize my orders and take care of my customers because I’ve gathered that information for bridget&lucy (the biz) and for Lock It and Leave It Storage.  I will be kind to every person I encounter at my shows because doing that alongside Bill for Lock It and Leave It Storage has TRULY taught me that’s what people want most, even in a business transaction.

Pederson Family!_63I will HAVE FUN and enjoy every minute.  Another thing time does for you is make you keenly aware that our time is always limited.  It’s worth packing it full of experiences and adventures because you never really know how many you get.  For me, entrepreneurship changed my “job” into my life and there are no distinct lines anymore.  I didn’t think I wanted that when I first entered the work world but now I believe that’s how you truly are able to love what you do.  You enjoy every moment, every interaction, every challenge, every hard spot and  most importantly, every victory.  Here we go again!!!



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