Laugh (at) with me!

Ah February 11, 2013 – YOU were funny. So funny in fact I feel the need to share you with the world.

I spent my afternoon saying over and over to friends, my mom, other parents at my children’s school, the receptionist at the dental office and my husband, “I once was organized! I had it together! I swear! There were days when not only did I go where I was scheduled to go – I was early!” Thinking that if I let others know that information, out loud, maybe I will be that way again. But as I drove home from dance I started laughing – this day was funny.

It started pretty OK. Kids to school – check! Me to tennis – check! Lock It and Leave It opened on time – check! I even scheduled dentist appointments for the girls before 10:30 am. I entertained the idea of a cute Facebook update like, “Just scheduled two dentists appointments – that’s productive enough to call it a day!” The fact that I never posted that statement was a precursor to the rest of the day, I just didn’t know it.

I left work, got the girls after school snacks and got a good parking spot at pick up – I’m rockin. I had their dance bags with me since my mom so nicely volunteered to meet them at dance while I went back to school for the girls’ teacher conferences. Yep – not only did I schedule conferences during their dance class, I scheduled it for a time that Bill and I could not be there together – two points for the mom on the ball! Back to pick up … when the girls got in the car they both said, almost in unison, “Guess what you forgot to put in our bags today?” I was really thinking I was on top of things so I couldn’t think of much. They both say loudly, “Shoes!”. They had to clomp around in their snow boots at school and since Bridget had gym, but no gym shoes, she had to sit on the sidelines. Another score for me!

Well I got them to dance – dressed and ready – and headed back to school for conferences. I was early – it was a miracle. I stood outside of Lucy’s classroom looking at the conference schedule and then I saw it – Holy hell – Lucy’s conference is tomorrow!! Then I crossed the hall to Bridget’s classroom’s schedule – yep – TOMORROW! How did I seriously not write down their conferences on the right day – I used to be organized!!

And remember those dentist appointments I so impressed myself with scheduling? Yep – tomorrow.

Oh today … YOU were funny. You had this girl, right here, laughing.

One of the huge reasons I am choosing to laugh and share today is because my friend Becca; who I’ve talked about before; is battling both types of cancer she has dealt with again. I think about her every minute of the day. And if she had a day like today, she would laugh at it! Please send up prayers for Becca and her family every moment you can. And share the funny stories – they are the best ones


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