It’s a buzz word right now – gratitude.  It’s trending on Twitter, it’ s all over Instagram and you can find it on Facebook.  What an awesome band wagon to jump on. I am going to share November Gratitude on this page too – but with a small twist.  Each time I remember to post I will post a “Somewhat Deep” piece of gratitude and a “Bubbly” piece of gratitude.  Because honestly we all have both – right?!  How can I put “fir-tree scented candles” next to “world peace”?  Well now I can with my handy two-part gratitude series.  I’m sure I’m the first one to come up with this idea (insert sarcasm).  Feel free to join in!  Just post a comment for all to see – or just quietly think about what you’re thankful for – I guarantee serious feel good results.  Here we go…

“Somewhat Deep” – I’m thankful for the web of relationships I enjoy.  From childhood family friends, to friends that live too far away, to new friends in the past decade to my unbelievable family.  When I think about how amazing they all are, how much I’ve learned, how much they’ve all shaped me I get overwhelmed – in a good way.  A friend, that is truly family, is a having a cord blood transplant today to fight her second form of cancer in two years.  SHE makes me thankful for our relationship. HER journey inspires me on a daily basis to be kinder to all, slow down and enjoy each step.  (LOVE AND HUGS TO BECCA!)

“Bubbly”  I can’t get enough of Pandora’s “Positive Hip Hop” Station.  I know every song and feel the need to sing every one – loudly.

How about you?!

 photo by the fabulous Meghan Archer – you can contact her at


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