Raising Girls

Although I don’t post here often, I won’t be abandoning it completely any time soon.  There are moments when a post seems to make sense and I know that in the future something will live here again more often. My guess is it will revolve around raising girls since that is what I am living and know at this moment.  I found a HILARIOUS reminder of what it was like to be a teenage girl while organizing my laundry room/office (for the 10,567th time)!  This is what I found…


My best friend Lindsay, of Expressing Motherhood, and I danced at a half time show for the local CBA team.  We were probably in 7th grade and wore fantastic bodysuits to highlight our super confident junior high bodies (HA!)  And as written in the note, a lot of our friends showed up.  And as also written in the note – this ended our lives OFFICIALLY!  I’m taping this up in my office for two reasons.  1. To remind myself that life DID NOT actually end when I endured an embarrassing experience or 20 🙂 AND 2. To give me perspective when my daughters hit the ages where something seems SO important/devastating/world-ending, that I try to remember a speck of how that felt and act accordingly.


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