My first Twitter Party!

So – I LOVE twitter.  I follow tons of folks and can get totally immersed in trying to catch up on what everyone has been tweeting about.  I’ve been a silent participant in Twitter parties – just reading, not typing – and I’ve even contributed a couple thoughts before.  But tonight will be my first Twitter party as a guest!  Join me at 7 pm PST/9pm CST on Twitter for the Expressing Motherhood Twitter party.  You can follow and contribute to the conversation using the hashtag #expressmo.  We’ll be talking about how our creative business came to be – in 140 characters or less ;).  bridget&lucy will be giving away the Mop Top pictured below and Expressing Motherhood will be giving away a t-shirt!  Don’t miss it – it’s WAY too much fun!

bridget&lucy Twitter handle – @bridgetandlucy

Expressing Motherhood Twitter handle – @ExpressingMothe



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