For Sweet Esther

I LOVE making these easy burp clothes.  Since moms and dads everywhere spend at least the first six months of a baby’s life with one of these draped over their shoulder – might as well make them cute!

One reason I love to make these is because I can use some of my favorite fabric in just the right amounts.

I get to doodle with stitching.  And since I honestly stink at doodling with a pencil this is WAY more fun for me.

But the absolute best part about these particular burp clothes is that they are going to be sitting on the shoulder of our babysitter who we’ve been lucky enough to have since Bridget was 6 months old.  Bridget is now 6 1/2.  She has cared for my babies and now these little clothes will help her care for her very own baby girl.  And of course MY shoulder will always be available too ;)!


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