A sewing adventure

This weekend mom and I and 14 other women will be taking an all weekend workshop from Tutu.com .  This is major.  You may think tutu’s – how fun!  But these are the real deal.  Platter tutus and bodices for ballerinas.  Like these from a Jcrew catalog.

I am not a technical sewer.  This weekend will be incredibly hard.  You might be thinking, “but you sew and write patterns for your business”.  Yes.  But the reason our patterns are different is because we do not use paper pattern pieces.  We use only straight line measurements and easy ways to make curves or circles mostly because I don’t have the patience to sew with paper patterns.  But after this weekend I will have the ability to make you a platter tutu if you’d like to wear one to your next party ;).  Some of the tutus we make will be for the Dance Gallery’s Swan Lake performance in 2013.  That’s why I’m doing this.  Because I love my sister-in-law (who owns the Dance Gallery) AND because I do love a good workshop!  I will give a full update next week.  On a completely different note, Bridget is  totally into watching Cupcake Wars.  My latest creations inspired but watching the show – cupcakes for my Mother-in-law’s seventy fifth birthday dinner tonight!  Happy January 31st!


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