This internet thing is pretty awesome

I had to share this great story.  We just listed custom Ruffle Joy skirts on our site and our first order came rolling in this morning.  Since we need specific information I responded to the order with a  list of questions.  This is the email I received back with all names changed so I don’t over expose someone else’s children on the internet – I do that enough with my own 😉

“Dear Megan,

I am your Mom’s dear friend from High School, Susie. I have to run and pick up Annie who the skirt is for and her big brother Nelson. I will get the measurements while they spend the afternoon with me and get back to you. I look forward to having this beautiful skirt for Annie. It will mean alot to me. I spent time watching your Mom sew, and could never believe how amazing she was. I do remember when she was sewing her baby blue prom dress that was a very beautiful, but heavy fabric, and she sewed through one of her fingers! That is my memory anyway. Is Kim currently on vacation as advertised in the x-mas card? I do need her e-mail as I am going to send her a photo of us in our prom dresses!!!
Thanks so much,
Seriously – is that the BEST email order ever?!?!?  It truly is amazing how small the world gets when connected through technology.  Now if I only had a picture of that prom dress…

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