I go through phases

This may be a SERIOUS understatement.  From the variety of crafts, cookbooks, etc. that I have amassed on different topics I can’t begin to count how many “phases” I’ve gone through.  I went through a cake making phase – it lasted from when  Bridget was about 1 to when her sister was born – 8 months later.  I produced two fabulous cakes with the help of multiple books and a lot of necessary tools.

I went through a vegetarian phase and a vegan phase – both pretty short-lived  because I love bacon but I learned that I liked a lot more vegetables than I thought.  I’ve had a couple small businesses where I learn more each time I close one ;).   And the list goes on – you get my point.  But something miraculous has happened.   I passed on a phase I swear I would’ve dived right into 5 years ago.  Over New Years we were in the Hills and got to visit a co-worker of Katy’s little farm.  She has goats and chickens.


After I totally romanticized the idea of having our own chickens and going out to get eggs every morning I thought – who takes care of them when we’re on vacation? or it’s really cold out? Then I decided I did not ever want my own chickens but I would like someone else close to me to raise chickens and I would buy eggs from them.  PHASE AVERTED!  It really is miraculous.


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