Because of you – our amazing supporters – we were able to claim over 1000 Facebook fans in our Pitch Slam proposals – THANK YOU!  We have not forgotten the promised prizes but I will finalize and announce them next week after The Creative Connection – where mom and I will pitch our three different ideas.  The last 3 weeks have been a blur.  I’m usually a busy person, but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy before.  If I have been this busy before I have completely blocked it out ;).   While being this busy I’ve had to constantly remind myself – Bridget just started Kindergarten, she needs extra love – Lucy is 4, she needs you too.  Although there truly is not time to do it all I do love all that I am doing.  Tomorrow afternoon I will head up to St. Paul for a huge experience – pitching our original ideas.  Mom will meet me Thursday to actually present the ideas.  Those of you that know our tendency toward long windedness – we only have 3 minutes to pitch each idea – 3 MINUTES!  I don’t think I can let mom speak ;).  SO many people have helped us out these last few weeks – to name a few – Uncle Todd proofed all our proposals, Aunt Katy doesn’t know it yet but she is bringing Lucy to school on Thursday, Lucy’s preschool teacher is taking her out to lunch on Friday, friends have sent pictures immediately when asked for them to support our proposals, etc., etc., etc.  We are beyond blessed.  And it truly does take a village!  It takes a village to raise kids, run a business, take a risk, and even make dinner.  So I find myself just thinking and saying over and over in my head, “THANK YOU!”  Your love and support is absorbed and needed.  I will have an update on how everything goes on Thursday and I will tweet all through the conference.  I’ve barely thought about the fact that I get to take classes with AMAZING women.  I can not wait.  Happy Happy Tuesday all!


3 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. I hope it went well for you! I was also at The Creative Connection and pitched a craft book. Did you pitch a craft book also? If so, were you there after your pitch chatting with Betz White, Kaari Meng and Tiffany Threadgould? I’d love to chat with you and compare notes if you’re willing. My email is sewingbysharon at gmail dot com

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