Contest to Help Us Out!

We need your help.  In 14 days bridget&lucy will be pitching two different book ideas and a gift line to experts in the fields of publishing and wholesaling.  With the new social media buzz, publishers and wholesalers like the idea of a social media presence.  Here’s where you come in and we reward you.  If you could forward this to friends you think would enjoy bridget&lucy and encourage them to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter we would be THRILLED!  {Facebook page  Twitter page!/bridgetandlucy }  And the good part for you – we will choose a winner on Facebook AND Twitter to each receive a Ruffle Joy skirt and Mop Top hat.   ALSO – if the winners are new followers or fans the person that referred them will win their chose of 2 free patterns or a clothing item.  It’s a WIN WIN!!!!  Thank you so very much for helping us out along this wild journey!!  – Megan and Kim


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