First Day

Well I don’t think I could call myself a blogger if I didn’t blog about my daughter’s FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!  It just wouldn’t be proper.  I used to think I was a roll-with-the-punches type of gal.  I really didn’t think I would cry when Bridget went to kindergarten.  As the first day got closer I got a little more teary.  We were encouraged to read The Kissing Hand if we owned or could borrow a copy of the book because they were going to read it in school the first week.  And I kept getting choked up in the middle of the book.  Then when I was trying to tell people who asked, “Do you think you’ll cry” that I most definitely wouldn’t because of all these great reasons, I kind of got choked up.  So I knew Monday was going to be tough on me.

How did she get so big? and grown up? and serious? and really WHO let her get her ears pierced 😉 ?  I kept thinking about how she will be in school now – FOREVER.  It made me sad.  But SO determined to not show her that I was sad!!!  Bridget started Kindergarten in a Spanish Immersion program.  So with all the other new stuff the comes with Kindergarten her teacher only speaks Spanish.  So there was that too :).

The first morning of school Bridget got up, got dressed, wore her sneakers (which made me cringe) because it was a PE day, had breakfast and got her apple ready for her teacher.  I have NO idea where the apple idea came from but I would like to take the opportunity now to thank whichever fabulous tv show gave her this idea :).  We went outside and took pictures…

Her sister joined for pictures and her apple almost bit the dust…

We made it to the line at school…

And then the parents had to step away from their kids and watch them stand in line while the staff did a school song presentation deal.  Really? Step away from your kids and watch them stare blankly at a small group of people singing while their parents just left them standing there?  And they can still see their parents standing there?  But not next to them anymore?  I may not have liked this part because I was doing an “ugly cry” and my friend Sara documented it through pictures.  But really, it seemed crazy at the time.  Then they headed off inside the school and I cried some more.  I clearly AM one of those moms that I did not think I was.  Which seems to almost always happen to me.  If there is some aspect of parenting I think I really know that I am definitely NOT, then I usually end up actually being that thing that I was pretty sure I was not.  Oh life – you are crazy ;).  So my one child and I headed back to the car.

And I proceeded to go over to my mom’s house and cry all over again.  What is it about seeing your mom when you are emotionally vulnerable and just crying like a baby?  That’s not just me – right?! 🙂  The day ended with a smile at pick up and a little swimming.  And then the 2nd day was so much easier.  How does that work?  However it works, I’m glad.  And I’m tired.  Extra hugs to all you moms that started this journey too – cause I know you need one!


3 thoughts on “First Day

  1. megan… just nailed every emotion a mommy goes thru when school starts….when we walked gracie over on monday for the 1st day of 2nd grade….we rounded the corner and seen all the kgarten mommies watching their babies get off the bus and then we continued passed her old 1st grade door from last year and got a big hug from the teacher and ended with dropping her off at her new big 2nd grade door……i was emotional the whole time…..just watching them stand their…in line…with big back packs…and nervous smiles…..and then just to walk away as they march into the school…..watching as your ONE HUGE PIECE OF LOVELY HEART…walks into the big brave world without you….and knowing they will be just fine but wondering if you will be…..ahhhhhh…..sniff sniff

  2. Megan… old do I sound when I say I remember YOUR first day of kindergarten????? We ALL cried as I remember it! ;,)

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