New Series: A House Your Home

Good Morning All!  After a really long blog break – I’m back!  We are moved.  All of the boxes are gone.  We still have stuff floating around everywhere!  Moving is SO MUCH WORK!  But, we are overjoyed with our new house and location.  Every time we put something away and it works perfectly or hang a piece of art and it looks like it is supposed to live there – we fall in love with the house a little more.  I thought a new series on making a house your home would be a fun one to start!  Not only am I always interested in what others are doing to their homes, it’s about all I’m doing right now so it’s something I know I can contribute to :)!  One of our first projects in the kitchen was to line the pantry and some cupboards with oilcloth.  I’m messy, there is no denying it, and we cook a lot – so lining the cupboards and pantry not only adds some fun color but is really smart for our messy family.  I did use real oilcloth here, not laminated cotton.  The difference to me is the weight of the product.  Oilcloth is heavier and sturdier – perfect for my kitchen.  Here is the pantry before…

I love the fact that I can see everything right in front of me.  Mom and I took out the top and bottom shelves and laid them on the oilcloth in the middle of the floor to cut them.  We left 2-3 inches on either long edge so we had enough to wrap the boards.  We cut the short edges right to the side since if we tried to wrap the short edges the shelves would not have fit back into their places.

We did cover the very top shelf completely in oilcloth because it was the only one you could see the bottom of.  And once we got to the middle shelves we realized we could not get them out of the pantry so we had to wrap the shelf with oilcloth while it was IN the pantry still.  Not super fun – but easier than we anticipated.  We just pulled the shelf out from the wall and was able to tuck the oilcloth behind and staple.  Which brings me to stapling!  We used  a staple gun to attach the oilcloth to the shelving – worked perfect.  Here is the finished pantry…

And with everything in it.

Super cute.  Super easy to keep clean.  Then we moved to a couple of pull out drawers where the pots and pans live right under the range.  This is another place that will get heavily used on a daily basis.  Pots and pans in and out all the time.  So oilcloth will be fun to look at and keep the drawers in working condition longer!  Ta-da!

I just love how it turned out.  We still have one pantry left to do, under the sink and one more shelf.  But I need to patiently way until my trusty confidant returns – my mother. 🙂  Ahhhh – it feels good to blog again :).  Happy Tuesday!


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