Curtains for Gwen

In the midst of packing and calling utility companies I still am crafting a little.  My good friend Kate and her hubby Ryan are having their first baby this August.  Ms. Gwen needs fabulous curtains in her new room when she arrives so I HAD to help her out.  Now I can’t actually show you the curtains because curtains not hanging just don’t look that cool, but I can show you a pic of her room.

Now imagine this adorable set up with black and white chevron curtains – yep! – to die for!  I know I love this baby already because I did a project that requires detail measuring and cutting AND patience with lots of fabric – so NOT my strong suits people.  😉  Mom actually did the math – scary that she was the one out of the two of us that would excel at the math part – while I stayed very quiet and wound my bobbin.  Then the conversations went something like this.  Keep in mind that both of us talk out loud to ourselves while doing projects, I’m a little scatter brained due to being in the middle of a move and it’s afternoon – and everyone knows that brainpower seriously decreases from Noon on.

Me: What can I do?

Mom: I’m going to add two inches, then divide here and add the seam allowance…

Me: Should I be writing this down?

Mom: No, I am – I’m just talking out loud.

Me: OK – I’ll get the needle and machine ready.  I need a bobbin, looking for a bobbin here…

Mom: I don’t have a bobbin – are you asking me for a bobbin?

Me: No, I’m just talking out loud.

Lots of thinking going on here…

Mom: OK – we need four panels of both the fabric and the lining at 80 1/4 inches long.

measuring, measuring, measuring,

Me: MOM!  My glass table is 80 inches long

Mom: We just found measuring tool (while clearing the table top)

It’s almost like we are SCIENTIFIC Seamstresses!  (This is serious sarcasm here people, the only reason anything we do together comes out so well is because mom is a super good sewer 🙂 )


One thought on “Curtains for Gwen

  1. Thank you so much!!!!! Gwen is so lucky have at least 2 crafty people in her life b/c her mom and grandma sue are not crafty at all!

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