Confidence and Compassion

Have you ever realized that you are part of something more amazing than you even know?  I feel this way about my sister-in-law’s dance studio, The Dance Gallery.  This weekend was their Year End Recital and it was amazing as always.  Not because it was Lucy’s first recital (which was amazing) and not because Bridget loved every second of being on stage (which I just LOVE) but because there is this buzz of excitement around this dance school and group of teachers that is AWESOME!  I could go ON and ON about all the teachers qualifications, education,etc. because they truly are the most “decorated” instructors in town – but the most stunning part about the weekend was how the kids on stage overflowed with confidence, beautiful technique and JOY!  I’m always on the look out for ways to make sure my girls develop a good self-esteem while still being gracious and kind – which I feel like is really hard work!  Dance and performing are ways to teach confidence AND graciousness.  I would have never guessed that after switching my major from Dance in undergrad that I would still end up in the dance world.  Life is funny.  Just another reason I think my husband entered my life – so I could be really good friends with his sister and teach Tap at her dance school ;).  Do you have any great confidence and compassion building experiences for girls?  Please share!!!  I realize boys need confidence and compassion just as much – it’s just that young girls are what I know right now  – so that’s my schtick :).  Aunt Jackie – we could not be more proud of your amazing weekend – YAHOO!!!


One thought on “Confidence and Compassion

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I’m blushing!!! Don’t…stop…don’t…stop, don’t stop!!! 😀 Megan is awesome!! If you want proof, try her tap class. I’m suspecting all of her tap classes will be busting at the seams this fall! The kids come out of her classes bright red, sweaty and smiling!! It’ a perfect combination!!!

    Thank you, Megan!!
    You are awesome!!!
    You are making the studio a brighter place!

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