Let me introduce – OUR GARDEN!

If you’ve followed this blog for long you may remember the different attempts at gardening in the past.  I tend to get really excited in May, purchase quite a few flowers for pots, make them look beautiful and take really good care of them – until August.  Then I just get really sick of watering them and my husband starts to laugh a little every time he looks at the slowly dying flower pots.  I have been successful at strawberries.  They come back every year and take up more and more and more space each time ;).  But this year – this year will be different!  I’m teaming up with my friend Sara to “co-garden”.  If “co-garden” is not a word yet I’m totally claiming it.  It’s just like “co-parenting” except with plants.  Last week we started planting.

As you can see – it’s a HUGE space.  We planted some plants and seeds.

I’m not sure what will be more fun – planning what we were putting in the garden or actually taking care of it.  I’ll let you know in August ;).

The reason I know that this year will be successful is because I teamed up with Sara.  She seems to grow things with ease – I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s from Iowa.  What do you grow at home?  Any tips I must know?!  To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Let me introduce – OUR GARDEN!

  1. How fun! I can’t wait to see how your garden grows. I love to garden. I’m hoping to retire this year so I have more time for the things I love. 😉

  2. Ryan is my master gardener. He grew some great tomatos and cucumbers last season. We have added strawberries and jalapenos to the mix this year!

  3. tomatoes, squash, lettuces, green beans, gr. onions, beets, chard……and I have an herb garden. Water and feed………that’s it! I’m sure you’ll have better luck than I…you have warmth on your side!

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