A Virtual Photography Show

Lucy (the 3-year-old) ALWAYS grabs my phone.  She LOVES to take pictures and I love seeing her perspective.  We have bought her a couple different “kid” cameras and they are all crap – crap I tell you!  So – at some point we will have to buy her a little point and shoot.  Until then she will continue using our phones.  I figured out how to transfer my phone pictures to my computer – not a small feat for me!  Major accomplishment for the day – CHECK!  I now give you, Lucy’s first photography show 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Virtual Photography Show

  1. As simple as this show is, it’s actually very well done! 🙂 Lucy is a an artsy little girl. Love it! The insight kids can give is often overlooked. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I seriously could not have come up with a more interesting series of photos no matter how hard I tried…not kidding.

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