totally busted

Yesterday morning my mom and I both realized that Easter was days away and neither one of us had made Easter dresses for the girls(those poor children!).  Since she had rotator cuff surgery 6 weeks ago she had a pretty good excuse – me?, not so much.  So we snuck off to the mall yesterday with the girls in tow to buy Easter dresses.  While walking into a store we ran into a friend who said, "You didn't sew anything?  Are you girls getting lazy or what?!"  This is a good friend and the comment was totally appropriate – not snarky.  (you just never know how it's going to come across online:))  Then while picking out dresses to try on we ran into my FXB coach.  She commented on how she "totally busted us".  And finally we ran into a classmate of Bridget's and her mom and sister.  Again – busted.  The universe was obviously trying to lay on the guilt!  So – I'm going to try and make something for their Easter basket to redeem myself.  I love all the ideas over at The Crafty Crow.  We'll see if I come up with anything!


4 thoughts on “totally busted

  1. That is so funny….i have to admit that I RARELY read these….but for some reason your title grabbed my attention on facebook…how funny!

    Seriously, life gets in the way, and your kids looked ADORABLE in what they were wearing yesterday…so really overall, you should not feel bad about buying a dress…I just found it funny to see you looking dresses…and even more funny was your mom looking at the seams…those of us who sew only to keep a button on would never look at a seam! ahha….Was great to see you…even if it was to BUST YA! haha Have a blessed Easter! Blessings from ours to yours! love ya lady!

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