When Momma’s Leaving Town

I’m leaving for the Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans in 3 hours.  I have a couple (more like 20) things left to do and then I’ll hit the road-or air.  A couple observations …

1. I’m 33 and I still borrow my mother’s luggage.  I don’t know what that says about me but I’m sure it’s telling.
2. The house and schedule are so organized I kind of wish I could stay and enjoy the organization – but I won’t 🙂
3. My call to my mother this morning did not involve a wardrobe emergency but a knitting one – I need a portable knitting project STAT!
4. Lucy wants me to bring her a present and Bridget wants me to write her a poem – awwwwww
5. I’m meeting up with one of my best childhood friends and I can not wait to talk talk talk!!!
6. When Momma’s Leaving Town you get anything you want for breakfast – even cake pops!

Bon Voyage!



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