When you reach goals

I’m not a big goal setter.  Not because I don’t understand the importance or the impact setting goals have, I just don’t seem to set them.  I really like the idea of them and now that I’ve met one I think I’ll start setting more!  I’ve always thought it would be beyond fun to have a project in a craft book.  I flip through my craft books and visit each website or blog of the contributing crafters and think they are so cool.  Yes, my views of cool may be different from yours ;).  I would keep my eyes open for any mention of project submissions, but it wasn’t on the front burner.   But in January I saw a call for submissions that seemed to fit me – “Do you have an inventive way of mending holes, patching worn spots, covering stains, or just embellishing an old piece of clothing to give it a whole new look? We’ve got an exciting book underway, tentatively titled Creative Mending, and are looking for inventive examples to photograph and feature.”  Yep, right up my alley.  So I submitted the project where I appliqued over a stain on Lucy’s dress here.   And you won’t believe it – THEY ACCEPTED MY PROJECT!  I sent off the original garment last week and don’t know much more about what comes next – but I will post updates when I know!  Here’s a pic of the girls with the submission ready to send – I told them this was a really exciting, important day and I think they did it justice :)!  Happy Tuesday!


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