We went to kindergarten registration for my oldest tonight.  Although I’m sure I’ll get emotional when she actually goes – right now I’m just excited for her next year.  She’s really excited too – let’s hope it lasts.  She is going to a Spanish Immersion program and she did let me know that she really doesn’t know that much Spanish yet 🙂 – which was too cute.  She is a typical first-born so I know that the transition to kindergarten – or any unknown to her for that matter – will be tough.  But what really threw me off tonight was my youngest’s reaction.  Lucy has one more year of preschool next year while Bridget starts kindergarten.  They’ve both been at the same school this year.  On the way out of registration Lucy was crying.  I thought she had run into a door, bumped her head, the usual – so I picked her up and asked what was wrong.  She had big crocodile tears coming down her cheeks and she said, “We won’t be at the same school next year.”  Be still my overly emotional motherly heart.  This parenting thing is hard.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. My friend told me the story of when her firstborn went to school on the bus. Her oldest was just fine. Mom was a bit teary eyed. Then the younger son ran after the bus, calling for his sister! Mom forgot to prepare the younger boy for the separation from his sister! Good luck with this parenting stuff. I think you’re doing just great.

  2. OMG…that was way too cute! Glad Bridget will be learning Spanish…that will be big for her if she continues! Todd and Carlos can help her practice!!!! My grandgirls are bilingual too. My daughter, Meredith has been given so many opportunities because of her Spanish…and now that she will be a chef, it will be even more important.

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