Where you CAN paint on the walls

I took the girls to the relatively new South Dakota Children’s Museum over the weekend.  Like everyone had already told me – it was awesome!  One of my favorite displays was in the art studio – big surprise :).  They had a glass wall with a little trough under it that had paint, brushes, water, a spray bottle and a squeegee. They kids could paint on the glass, then spray their painting and squeegee it off.

I am now trying to figure out how to get some form of that in our basement at the new house – any ideas on how to pull it off?    I think their favorite part was spraying and squeegeeing – the painting part ended up being just what you had to do to be able to use the squeegee.

Another big favorite of the girls was the stage with dress up costumes – another big surprise :).  Lucy was particularly “diva-esque”.

As predictable as the above pics seem, they did amaze me at what held their attention for the longest amount of time.  The museum had potters wheels set up but instead of using clay they had fine sand on and around the wheels.  I didn’t think they were that cool, but the girls LOVED the sand and wheels.

I loved every minute – except when Lucy took off her skirt and wouldn’t put it back on and sat in the corner and cried.  That part kinda was not so fun. 🙂


One thought on “Where you CAN paint on the walls

  1. We went a few weeks ago and at the end of the day, when asked what his favorite part was, my oldest (who is 6) told me it was the sand. The sand of all things… really?!?

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