Always look on the bright side

I was starting to feel frazzled all the time.  We have lots going on and lots coming up and I knew I needed an attitude change – and FAST!  We are busy because I choose to be busy.  We are busy because we are lucky and blessed enough to be busy.  So – at the Sugarland concert on Saturday night the amazingly optimistic  music was what I needed to make the change.  Sidenote – if you have not seen Sugarland in concert and have the opportunity – run don’t walk.  They were AMAZING musicians and entertainers!  Anyways – the attitude change is upon me.  This morning after we tackled a very ugly time getting dressed and fed, we were finally driving to school and the gas light went on.  I was bummed at first, until I remember I am lucky enough to be able to go buy more gas!  I have to pick up and  clean up the house for the new home owners to come by and take look at it on Sunday after Bill will have been gone for 4 days and I will have had the little ladies and lab to myself all weekend.  I was bummed at first, but then I thought – we sold our house when we wanted to!  I looked at the piles of laundry that seemed to have just appeared and at first I was bummed – then I thought – we need to giveaway some of these clothes because we are beyond lucky enough to have too much!  This would not only help others but remedy the laundry problem too :).  So – you get  my drift.  We’re blessed – and I’m going to remind myself of that every day because the bottom line is that I have absolutely nothing to be bummed about.  TALK ABOUT LUCKY!!!



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