The last two weeks have been a blur!

Well – in the last couple weeks we went through a house we really liked, thought about selling our house, sold our house and bought the house that started the whole process! WHOA!  When we built this house six years ago I told Bill that I would die in it.   I guess I was wrong :).  We don’t move until June 15th so I’m pretty sure I will be so overly organized to move because I have so much time to get organized that it will just be a piece of cake – right?!  HA!  Of course not.  On another note – we took the girls roller skating last weekend and had so much fun.  Bill and Bridget did get leveled by a boy going backwards REALLY fast – but there were no serious injuries.  Here’s to getting back in the saddle of blogging, tweeting and just being connected after a couple of weeks of the opposite!


2 thoughts on “The last two weeks have been a blur!

  1. My last look at a skating rink was flat on my back with a flurry of EMT’s around me, tending to my dislocated elbow and shattered radial head…….an ambulance ride, ER, hospital, surgery and a year recovery!!!! Every time I see the girls on skates, I get a panic attack! Glad everyone was okay!!!
    Congrats on the new house!!!!

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