V-Day lunch

Boy has Valentine’s Day changed :).  Bill and I did some balloons and some fun stuff for the girls when they got up and we texted each other “Happy Valentine’s Day!” later in the morning.  We did have special desert to share once the girls went to bed but for some reason the day isn’t just all about us anymore :)!  Nana set up a very special Valentine’s Day lunch for the girls.  Beth and I got to join them.  Nana made the table just beautiful!

Lucy helped set the table while Bridget was at school.

The girls received beautiful hand knit ballet sweaters from Nana.   I promised to never ever ever ever ever wash those sweaters in anything but gentle detergent.  Don’t ask why – it’s entirely too painful to talk about :).

And while we were about to dig into our fab lunch; (the girls had pb&j and the adults had yummy chicken salad)

We all said what we were thankful for and Lucy said she was thankful for Barbie, which Bethy just brought her for Valentine’s Day.  That girl – she really gets what’s important at such a young age ;).  Hope your Valentine’s Day was full of LOVE!


3 thoughts on “V-Day lunch

  1. I’d like to request invitation to the party next year…that table setting is rab…the heart pbj’s and cheetos? unbeatable…and the hand knitted sweaters from Nana?? PRICELESS.

    That’s what v-day should be about…its all just too precious! xoxo

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