Watercolor Hearts

I am on a roll posting kid’s activities!   We have been inside a lot lately due to seriously chilly weather.  When I woke up today it was -8 outside and with the wind chill it was -29.  Needless to say we did not make it to our usual story time!  So, we did an activity I’ve been eyeing online – the Valentine’s Day Garland at Garden Mama.   We started out painting our watercolor paper.

Then cut hearts out of the paper.

And ended by taping them to yarn and hanging – ta da!

The kids LOVED that they could just paint colors all over the page and THEN turn them into something pretty (the hearts).  It’s the perfect valentine decor :).  In case you’re interested, I will be teaching a Valentine’s Craft class at Childs Play Toys in town and the cute little heart barrette Lucy is wearing is part of the class.  Stay tuned for info on that :).  For the rest of the day, we’ll be hanging out in the box (YES, still the  same box they’ve been playing with for WEEKS!) fort.


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