A girl obsessed

When I see something I need to make it turns into a small obsession.  This is a story of one those times.  My sister-in-law LOVES the minions in the movie Despicable Me.  She recently commented on how badly she wanted her OWN minion.  While perusing ravlery on Saturday  I found a pattern for a  minion hat.  I HAD TO MAKE THIS HAT FOR JACKIE RIGHT AWAY!  I purchased yarn Saturday afternoon and starting knitting like a mad woman.  By 10 pm Saturday night I had the hat done and needed to move onto the “parts”.  This became tricky since the pattern called for crocheting for all the minion parts – eyes, goggle band, smile.  The tricky part being that I do not know how to crochet.  So I thought that 10 pm was the perfect time to try to teach myself to crochet through YouTube.  It didn’t work.  Then I decided since I DID know how to knit I would figure out how to do the eyes, goggles and smile by knitting.  This was a fantastic decision.  I finished the hat up yesterday morning and the girls and I got to give Jackie her very own minion at lunch.  Way too fun.


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