Passing it on

I’m not sure how many times my mother tried to teach me how to sew.  I got very stuck on fabric headbands in junior high.  Not the cute ones you see now, more Rambo-esque (Lindsay you have to remember these things!).  Well Nana and Pa gave the girls their own little sewing machines for Christmas.  Bridget was thrilled.  Lucy – not quite yet :).  Both the girls decided they wanted to make themselves a dress.  We decided to start on something a little easier.  A little picture show for you.

She paid really close attention to Nana.  She is such a first-born!

Serious instruction taking place here.  Stakes are high – she’s making a doll pillow.

Her first project done!  A pillow for Greta.  And this was Lucy after sewing one line in the practice paper.

She may not be interested quite yet!  We’ll see how many times we teach these girls to sew before it “sticks”!  Do you have any great first time sewer projects?  Please share!


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