Again – why do we buy toys?

I received the best package ever last week.

Can you guess?  I won’t make you :).  Sad as this may be – here is what caused all the excitement…

Not the beautiful fabric on the counter but the rolling laundry bins below.  I LOVE them!  I have gone through too many plastic ones to count that always come apart and collapse.  So I made the investment in metal rolling laundry bins – and I love them.  Maybe love is a strong word to describe my feelings toward laundry bins, but it’s true.  My laundry doing has been incredibly more efficient in the last two days – proof of the wonderfulness of the two new bins.  And as an added bonus, the box has been keeping the kids busy for hours!!!!

Yesterday they enjoyed lunch in their private box cafe and today they’ve filled the box with every soft thing in the house – or at least that’s what Bridget told me. 🙂  See what joy laundry bins can bring?  Happy Monday!


One thought on “Again – why do we buy toys?

  1. My brothers and I got more pleasure out of boxes than the toys….go figure!! What a nice memory….glad it’s getting passed down through the generations!!

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