What to do when it’s 20 below outside

Yesterday was REALLY cold!  It was -20 with the windchill and it was also our “free” day.  No one has school on Wednesday so we move slow in the morning and get to decide what we’re going to do as we’re ready to do it.  Yesterday started off with blueberry banana pancakes …

Bridget informed me that she was at a restaurant and I was the waitress (what’s new :)) and paid me Chuck E Cheese coins and some coins my parents brought back from England last summer.  Sweet.

Then there was a dance party where flower girl dresses were the only appropriate attire and Lucy somehow ended up on the counter bossing Bridget and I around…

We layered our clothing and hit the road for the library.  It was story time.

The girls ended their day with a bath and a new library book and I ended mine with knit night.  I love knit night.  Although I didn’t take any pictures there – here’s the pattern I’m working on for Ms. Bridget.


Click on the pic for a link to the pattern.  We are so very very lucky!


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