It’s COLD! These girls need pants

It’s been cold and snowy lately here – basically like everywhere else in the country!  The girls have plenty of dresses and skirts, but are lacking in pants.  To make my point – A friend noticed Bridget wearing jeans at preschool the other day and shockingly said, “I’ve never seen Bridget wear jeans – ever!”  This is the second year that Bridget and her daughter have been in class together.  So with nighttime dance and swimming classes I figured some comfy pull on pants were in need.  I finished Lucy’s pair and got her to model a little  and I’m in the middle of making Bridget’s.  I had to seriously bribe Lucy to put these on at first.

Now she’s thinking they are pretty cool.

I used this tutorial from Prudent Baby and it worked out great.  I did tweak a couple of things.  Since I used sweatpants material (LOVE) I didn’t have to hem any seams.  Which means I just cut and sewed – love it.  And I did add a couple of ruffles to the bottom because I thought it would be cute.  I used a shoelace, cordlock and grommets for the waist like we do in our Playdate Skirt.  I may have made them a little too “low rider” because there was a moment in church during the children’s message where she was up in front and I’m pretty sure I saw some butt crack showing – seriously embarrassing :).  BUT, I will remember that and make sure to make Bridget’s a little differently :).  I’m now trying to figure out how to make some for myself – because seriously here – they are made with sweatshirt material in a houndstooth pattern and sparkles – enough said.


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