What We’ve Been Doing …

We’ve all been very busy around here!  Well – everyone has been busy except Lucy. 🙂  Bill and Bridget cleared an area on the lake/pond in our backyard and we now have a homemade ice skating rink! It’s DREAMY!

While helping dad clear the rink Bridget also brushed up on her sledding skills…

While those two have been busy outside, I’ve been busy inside.  I just finished my last handmade Christmas gift!!!!!  I’m SO excited!  It’s 11:30 and I’m still up – that’s how excited I am.  I can not wait for everyone to see their handmade things and then take pictures of all of them with their handmade things and show them to you all :)!

While we’ve all been busy with different things Lucy has been up to her usual.  Trying to destroy my decorations …

And moving all my craft supplies all over the house – like in the tufts of the couch for instance :)…

Hope your “Holidaying” and days off are filled with busy, wonderful, JOY!


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