Finally – the P

I have been coveting the monogram wreath how-to on Dittle Dattle’s Blog since I saw it on Pintrest!  I’ve been talking to my husband about how I’m going to make a “P” wreath for us for a couple of weeks now.  He’s very handy so I’ve dropped ideas like, “Why don’t you try to think what we can make the “P” base out of” and “Can you just put the “P” wreath together for me?”  He wasn’t falling for any of it so yesterday I took matters into my own hands.  I staple-gunned some plywood from HobLob into a “P”.  Don’t worry, I did this on the floor of the garage while the children were inside watching – but Lucy insisted on posing for me once I got it all assembled.  Her hair is another story all together.  She wanted curly hair like Bridget’s when she has braids.   So I braided Lucy’s hair in the smallest braids I’ve ever seen and when she took them out it looked like that (below).  She was thrilled she had any curl at all – I didn’t have the heart to tell her it looked like a crimped “do” gone bad :).

Then I manipulated a garland we had with staples and wire.  It totally worked.

It was almost ready to hang – but it had to be sprayed with silver glitter first!  Then – onto the door (don’t worry honey, I used the 3M command hooks:)).

It looked good, but not WOW.  I didn’t have any big red ribbon and the ribbon I had just wouldn’t cut it.  So – I looked around and what do you know, I found beads!

Yes!  This was better!  But it wasn’t quite the POW I was going for quite yet.  Then I found these …

PERFECT!  Exactly what I had envisioned for the P.  What are you hanging on your front door for the Holidays?


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