Cookies and Cowls

Tonight I finished knitting the cowl I’ve been working on from Cowl Girls.  Whenever I finish a project and put it on I always thinks, ” Wow!  It’s cute! I can’t believe I made it!”  The excitement never wanes.  I didn’t feel like a face shot tonight – because my mascara is to my chin I’m pretty sure – but here’s a cowl shot.

Oh the irony of me finishing a knitting project for myself when I have a list of Christmas goodies I’m excited to make – but I love it.  And I’m wearing it to a party. 🙂   Today I let go of a little control – I know, I know – stop the press.  It’s always surprising when I let a little go :).  Bridget has repeatedly said she wants to ask Santa for a certain gift.  She rarely changes her mind.  Anytime she is asked it’s the same answer.  I thought I had the perfect gift for her – thinking that the one she keeps asking for isn’t the perfect thing and the one I was thinking of was the perfect thing.  Then thank goodness I just stopped and thought about it.  And realized it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s her Christmas gift.   It seems so obvious, but it was a revelation.  Constantly learning.

I attended my annual cookie exchange and got to bake with a friend the day before.  We had a blast and I took pictures…


This one was her favorite pic.

We even tried to eat a little healthy to combat the cookie snacking.

It was an all around fabulous afternoon.  We have so many things going on this month, as I’m sure every does, so I’m trying to really enjoy EVERY single Holiday event big and small and relish the lit tree at night.  This season goes way too fast – and I love it way too much – so I’m really trying to savor every moment.  This season also brings out my sentimental cheesy side.  I feel like I could talk lovey dovey ooey gooey all day.  So that was fair warning.  From now until the end of December I could be cheesy.  For instance; doesn’t this picture of an old truck decorated for Christmas make you want to ditch all the plastic toys you have for your children, the gift cards you have for your parents, and the holiday outfit you just bought for your pooch and move to a small town where everyone gets together weekly for hot chocolate and cookies during the Holiday season?

I totally thought so too 🙂


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