Holiday Decorating is My Drug of Choice

I LOVE to decorate for the Holidays.  I blame my mother.  Her house is unbelievable at Christmas – in a good way :).  Every room has something fabulous – not big and crazy, just fabulous.  So she has definitely passed that gene on to me.  I have so much fun decorating that I can’t get enough.  I want to do more – more rooms, more glitter, more Santas, more, more, more!  Luckily for everyone, I live with a man who thinks what we have going on now with decorations is over the top.  If we did much more he may choose to move out for the month of December.   Since I finished this afternoon, I just want to walk outside and then come back in taking in all the decorated fabulousness.  I wish I had pictures from when I first started decorating for the Holidays.  I was really bad.  It takes practice people.  So now – I share with you my Holiday decorations.  Please let me know if you want to come over and knit by the fireplace all night long.

Let’s start with the mantle.  A little greenery, some glitter candles, some glitter pinecones a glitter Merry Christmas sign and a Debbee Thibault Santa nestled in there.  I know – there could be more glitter, but I ran out of glittery mantle things.

My mother has needlepointed Santas as long as I can remember.  A good friend of hers paints canvases and does a limited edition Santa every year and mom has done most of them.  She gave this one to Bill and I a couple of years ago.  I love it.

Moving on to the tree.  I am still not brave enough to start putting up my glass ornaments.  The girls are 5 and 3 and I don’t trust Lucy (3), who we also call “The Destroyer”, not to smash anything glass that might be delicate and in her reach.  So this tree is brought to you by Target’s unbreakable ornaments.  Every single one you see.  You can now see the “Charlie Brown” tree that results from tree hunting in the Black Hills.  These trees have a look all their own.  They are my favorite type of tree because you can see all the ornaments sparkling just perfectly.

Featuring Target once again, I picked up some big and little foil snowflakes and hung them from our drop down ceiling above the dining room table.  This is by far the girls’ favorite decoration this year.  You also get a nice view of my tree collection on the buffet.  I could definitely fit more trees back there :).

Here’s a slightly wonky angle but you can see more of the ceiling snowflakes.

I also have an incredibly talented Uncle – TODD – who makes amazing paper maiche snowmen.  They are so wonderful that Midwest (a holiday decoration distributing powerhouse) also thought they were fabulous and produced them as “Snowtime Gang” in 2002ish? (is that timing right Todd?).  So – I have a mixture of originals and Midwest produced Snowtime Gang proudly displayed in the middle of our living room.

Why oh why can’t I leave Holiday decorations up all year?  I’d be a happier person for it!


3 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating is My Drug of Choice

  1. Megan, I gotta tell ya…that TREE is stellar…just beautiful!! (Dept. 56, FYI). And I have to caution you — one of those fab snowmen is teetering on the edge of your sofa table…save it before it’s too late! 😉

    Looking good! Wow! Thought I was the Christmas Queen –I’d be WRONG.

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