Tree hunting

Every other year, the day after Thanksgiving, we head out on a hunt.  The perfect Christmas tree hunt.  Over time, our perception of the perfect tree has drastically changed.  Before we cut our own tree in the Black Hills we purchased them at the local green house.  They were big, bushy, beautiful and MESSY!  They started losing needles right away.  When we discovered we could purchase tree permits from the National Forest Service for $6 a tree! (it’s now $10 – but still, what a steal!) we were hooked and the hunting began.

The first couple years it was a 1/2 day deal.  We would pull over, search all the different trees and not being able to find the perfect one we would all pile back into the car.  We did this process probably 10 – 15 times before ending up with a tree for the living room that looked pretty good.

That process has changed.  We are now very efficient.  We know that the trees you cut in the Black Hills are not symmetrical and fluffy.  They are more “Charlie Brown” then “White Christmas”.  And we plan accordingly.  We put our tree in a corner in the living room.  So I now look for the perfect tree with the one flat side that can fit snuggly in the corner :).  And we always seem to find that perfect tree for our living room.

It  now only takes us about an hour to an hour and a half to find 10 – 15 trees (for lots of family members and in varying sizes here people :)) and our hunting is complete.  And let me tell you – when you find “your” tree, “the” one – it’s pure victory!

Tune in tomorrow when I reveal the decorated tree!  I know, the suspense is too much 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tree hunting

  1. Of all the traditions I’ve missed these past few years…this may be the one I miss the most! Nothing like a Black Hills tree-cutting to get you in the holiday spirit!

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