My Crafty Holiday Hop Post!

I am thrilled to be participating in Angela Flicker’s Crafty Holiday Blog Hop!  I was in Hill City SD this weekend and was FILLED with Holiday spirit so I’m fully prepared to write this post!  The Crafty Holiday Blog Hop was organized by Angela to give a group of bloggers the chance to share the way they were going to give during the holiday season.  Being a group of “crafty” bloggers – our focus is handmade gifts and giving and all that can entail.  This post could seriously go on forever and ever and ever.  I need to thank my parents for instilling in me the excitement and LOVE of gift giving.  They are very thoughtful gift givers and I credit their example for my current obsession with the love of finding just the right gift.  It doesn’t need to be the biggest, the most, the anything – it just needs to be fit for the recipient.  I would love to describe everything I’ll be giving this year – because I already have my list.  But most of my family and friends read my blog – so I’ll need to be a little more general :).  I can tell you this … for family this year everyone will get a least one handmade by me item and then some other gifties handmade by others – like Gussy for example :).  Some of the patterns I’m using come from the following … ravelry (if you are knitter and are NOT on ravelry – run do not walk to this wealth of resources!), multiple old issues of Quilting Arts, One Yard Wonders, some tutorials from blogs like Sew Homegrown and Living with Punks.

Let’s start with some decorating.  Wouldn’t you just love this Letter Wreath for your front door?   You can make it by following the instructions here.

How about packaging like this jewel tape  from here

And for the girl with everything – instructions for appliqued undies.

Like I said before, I will also be purchasing handmade items.  We are part of a Art Moms and friends Holiday Boutique and I can’t stress enough to those of you in Sioux Falls how much you should make the trip!   The artisans Chantel and Penny have put together in this space are so awesome.  I can not wait to buy art, handmade chapstick, handmade healing balm, homemade goodies and more at the Boutique.

And for those of you nowhere near Sioux Falls, some of my current favorites from etsy …


So however you decide to give this year – check out the handmade items in your area and online.  Your recipients will be able to feel the warmth of handmade gifts!  Happy Happy Holidays!








6 thoughts on “My Crafty Holiday Hop Post!

  1. Great post! I love the applique undies and the “Going on a Bear Hunt” print. When my husband and I go out in the mountains with my daughter, we always take the children’s book and turn it into a song. Have you seen that book? Oh, it’s super cute.

    Thanks for the great gift suggestions 😉

  2. That jewel tape is FABULOUS! I’m also really taken with the Letter Wreath, bear print, and the little neighborhood kit – so cute. Thanks for sharing your picks!

  3. Ooo – That box of letter stamps is awesome! I could totally use a set like that myself 😛

    Some beautiful finds here – Luckily (or unluckily) I don’t think my family really reads my blog so I was able to be a little more specific with my handmade picks 😛

    Thanks for sharing!

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