I’m thankful for the antibiotics that line the dash of our car to keep our little ones healthy.  I’m thankful for the husband and dad that will join us tomorrow and bring the QCB pies and quiche.  I’m thankful for my sister who will have dinner ready for us when we make it across the State.  I’m thankful for my mother-, sister- and brother-in-law who will willingly make the trip across the State tomorrow so we can all be together for the Holiday.  And I’m thankful for the following super cute story about my 5 year old to end this post. 
Yesterday we were picking up antibiotics at a drug store and she said she wanted a Snuggie (blanket with arms :)).  I said she could put it on her list for Santa.  She thought a second and then asked,” How will Santa know it’s the Snuggie I cuddle with and not the one that goes up my bum?”  Priceless 🙂
Here’s to having a joy-filled Holiday – CHEERS!



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