Nothing a Disney movie can’t fix

We have sick kids.  The nurse told me that my description sounded like croup – great.  And it’s viral so we just need to push liquids and wait it out.  So now we’re at Nana’s.  The girls are both in their nests on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast while Nana and I talk about the different Holiday events we’ll be at with bridget&lucy and plan out the details.  I’ll post those soon!   Is there anything that princess movie can’t fix for a 3 and 5 year old?  While they lose themselves in Beauty and the Beast, Nana and I plan bridget&lucy’s world domination 🙂



2 thoughts on “Nothing a Disney movie can’t fix

  1. It’s Monsters Inc. and the flu over here. (Although princesses are definitely on the program schedule.) My three year old will be missing an afternoon skate with her best bud today and is feeling very sad. Hoping that Disney will fix that for us.

    Best wishes with your plans for world domination!

  2. I seem to recall nursing a cold on that very couch myself once…and maybe even viewed a princess movie at the same time…spooky! 😉

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