Kid Art – my kid :)

I’m in the process of rounding up a bunch of really cool links to things you can do with your children’s art.  Isn’t kid art just precious?  And really; I don’t want to save the tempera paint buffalo in a Rubbermaid container  so we can all be disappointed when we finally go to look at it and it’s disintegrated!  I want to know COOL things to do with the art to make them a part of our everyday lives.  While I’m gathering all my knowledge I’ll tell you about what inspired me.  Bridget is planning a ballerina birthday party and wanted to color on the back of all the invitation envelopes.  When I gathered them up to start addressing, this is what I found!

Can you guess what they are?  Hint: BALLERINA BIRTHDAY PARTY 🙂 I just LOVE them!  So I scanned them all and now I’m gathering ideas on what to do with them.  And then I’ll share those ideas with you.  Side note:  Just to validate that I’m staying up to late trying to do too many things at once I put our return address stamp on the upper RIGHT corner of the invitation envelopes and then covered them up with a stamp – I can only imagine the choice words the post office employee will have when handling them 🙂


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